In Motion Aerial Arts Classes

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In Motion Aerial Arts classes in Silks and Lyra are designed to increase Flexibility, Core Strength, Stamina, and Artistry. No prior skill or fitness level is required! Just the willingness to learn and have fun. We have a wide range of students from all walks of life! From children, teens, and adults. Students will learn techniques to avoid injury and each participant will receive personalized instruction tailored to their body and abilities. Regardless of body type or experience level, students will be safely guided through this amazing and fun physical challenge!  Beginners will focus on proper body position, muscle usage, basic positions, and basic balances. More advanced students will learn more difficult skills, choreography, and artistry. As your strength and confidence increase, you’ll be amazed at what you are capable of doing. We aim for every student to walk away from this experience with a sense of empowerment and inspiration for all the infinite ways we can use our body and mind together to express our best, most authentic selves.  Awaken elegance in the air, amazing balance, and power and precision in performance. We’ll encourage you to express your very best – your strongest, most confident, creative self.


What to Wear:  It is important to wear clothing that covers the backs of your knees and under your arms. You will want a shirt that can be tucked in to give your back protection. Long leggings or footless tights and a tight-fitting top or leotard with half sleeves are suggested. Tighter fitting clothing that gives you full range of motion is best. Shorts are not recommended, and loose clothing may get in the way.


IMDP is currently offering private and semi-private half hour lessons on Tuesday and Saturdays for 8 weeks. Sign up with the link provided and look for Aerial classes. After signing up, please email the studio to inform us if you would like a private or a 2 or 3 student semi-private.