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Join In Motion Dance Projects' summer arco and tumbling workshop. This class will focus on floor skills like cartwheels, walkovers, aerials, and back handsprings. Our workshop is perfect for dancers, gymnasts, and cheerleaders who want to improve their strength, flexibility, acro technique, and tumbling skills. You can develop new skills, improve your current skills, and build strength and flexibility! Our workshop will teach each student proper technique so their tricks look great and are performed safely. We offer acro/tumbling workshops that run from
June 26th-June 30th.

Intermediate Acro Workshop 4:30-6:00 Week is $110. (Front and Back Walkovers) age 8-12

Advance Acro Workshop 6:00-7:30 Week is $110. (Aerials, Handsprings, and Flips) age 10+

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