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Dance Classes

At IMDP, we offer a variety of dance classes to suit many ability levels. We do our best to make sure to provide an environment conducive to both fun and learning. To insure proper growth and development in our programs — and to help prevent injury — directors and/or faculty members will evaluate each student and place them in the class level deemed appropriate to his/her age, ability, skills set, and/or experience.


Tiny Tots and
Mini Combo

This is the first step for young dancers. This class includes instruction in ballet, tap and introduces jazz.
Ballet is the oldest and most noble form of dance — perhaps the most difficult, but the most beneficial for the body placement and the best foundation for any other dance form.
Jazz dancing improves coordination, musicality, body discipline and awareness. It will challenge each dancer to create their own "style." Popular music is used for this high-energy class.

Tap aids in creating and understanding rhythms while making music with your feet.
Hip Hop
Hip hop appeals to students because of the pop music used in class, as well as the isolation moves. Breakdancing is incorporated into this class.
Lyrical dance utilizes the lyrics of the music to tell a story with movements including balance and control.
This class is based on traditional Horton & Graham techniques.
Students will concentrate in tumbling, developing strength and flexibility.
Stretch, Leaps & Turns
Students will concentrate on leaping and turning technique in this conditioning class.
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Class Rates & Schedules

Class rates are based on a 4-week class period. All tuition is due on the 1st of every month, regardless of the number of weeks in that month. Rates are based on total class time per week,
and are as follows:

Hours per week
45 min
1 hr
1.25 hrs
1.5 hrs
2 hrs
2.5 hrs
3 hrs
3.5 hrs
4 hrs
4.5 hrs
5 hrs or more

Monthly Rate
Inquire at IMDP Office

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $25.00 for single students, 2nd child $15,
3+ children $10 each (If multiple siblings are enrolling,
In Motion Dance Project offers a Family Discount: 1st child full tuition, 2nd child 10% off,
3rd child 10% off)

Helpful downloads...

• Our 2014-2015 Class Schedule is listed below. Click here to download a printable schedule
of classes.

• Download the
IMDP Registration Form.


2014-2015 Class Schedule

Studio 1
Studio 2
Studio 3
Studio 4
3:30-4:15pm Tiny Tots Combo (Ballet/Tap) 4:15-5:15pm Co 2 Jazz 4:15-5pm Tiny Tots/Mini Acro 4:15-5:15pm Co 1 Ballet
4:15-5pm Mighty Mini Ballet A 5:15-6:15pm Co 2 Ballet 5-6pm Mini Combo (Ballet/Tap/Jazz) 5:15-6:15pm Co 1 Jazz
5-5:45pm Mighty Mini Jazz A 6:30-7:30pm Co 5 Lyrical/Contemp 6:15-7:30pm Co 4 Ballet/Pre Pointe 6:15-7:30pm Co 6 Broadway
5:45-6:30pm Jazz 1A 7:30-8:45pm Co 5 SLT 7:30-8:30pm Co 4 Jazz 7:30-8:30pm Co 6 Contemporary
6:30-7:30pm Jazz 3A
4:15-5:15pm Ballet 2A 4:30-5:15pm Co 2 Tap 4:15-5:15pm Co 1 SLT 4:15-5:15pm Co 3 Ballet
5:15-6:15pm Jazz 2A 5:15-6:15pm Co 2 Ballet 5:15-6pm Co 1 Tap 5:15-6:15pm Co 3 SLT
6:15-7:15pm Tap 2/3A 6:15-7:30pm Co 5 Ballet 6-7pm Co 4 Contemporary 6:15-7:30pm Co 6 SLT
7:15-8:15pm Lyrical 2/3 A 7:30-8:30pm Co 5 Contemporary 7:15-8:15pm Co 4 Tap 7:30-8:45pm Co 6 Ballet
4-4:45pm Hip Hop Age 6-8 4-4:45pm Ballet 1A 4-4:45pm Mighty Mini Acro A 4-4:45pm Pre Jr Co Lyrical
4:45-5:30pm Hip Hop Age 4-6 4:45-5:30pm Lyrical 1A 4:45-5:30pm Acro Age 9-11 4:45-5:30pm Pre Jr Co Tap
5:30-6:15pm Hip Hop Age 9-11 5:30-6:15pm Mighty Mini Lyrical A 5:30-6:15pm Acro Age 6-8 5:30-6:30pm Co 3 Hip Hop
6:15-7:15pm Hip Hop Age 12 & Up 6:30-7:30pm Co 6 Jazz 6:30-7:30pm Co 3 Tap 6:30-7:30pm Co 4/ 5 Hip Hop
7:30-8:30pm Co 3 Jazz 7:30-8:30pm Co 5 Jazz 7:30-8:30pm Co 4 Lyrical 7:30-8:30pm Co 6 Hip Hop
4:15-5:15pm Pre Jr Co Ballet 4:15-5:15pm Co 1 Lyrical 4:15-5:15pm Co 2 SLT 4:15-5pm Beg Teen Company Tap
5:15-6:15pm Pre Jr Co Jazz 5:15-6:15pm Co 1 Ballet 5:15-6:15pm Co 2/3 Lyrical 5-6pm Co 6 Tap Class
6:15-7:15pm Co 4 SLT 6:15-7:15pm Co 3 Ballet 6:15-7:30pm Co 5 Ballet 6-7:45pm CO 6 Ballet/Pointe Class
7:15-8:30pm Co 4 Ballet 7:15-8pm Co 3 Modern 7:30-8:45pm Co 5 Broadway 7:45-8:45pm Co 6 Lyrical
3:30pm-7pm Acro/Tumbling Private Lessons      
9:30-10:15amTiny Tots Combo B (Ballet/Tap) 9:30-10:15am Mighty Mini Acro B 9:30am-10:15am Mighty Mini Co Tap 9:30-10:15am Ballet 1B
10:15-11am Jazz 1B 10:15-11am Tiny Tots/Mini Acro 10:15-11am Mighty Mini Co Ballet 10:15-11am Mighty Mini Tap B
11am-12pm Mini Combo B (Ballet/Tap/Jazz) 11-am-11:45am Mighty Mini Ballet B 11am-11:45am Mighty Mini Co. Jazz 11-11:45am Tap 1B
12-12:45pm Mighty Mini Musical Theater 11:45-12:30pm Acro 1B 11:45-12:30pm Beginner Flexy Acro 11:45-12:30pm Mighty Mini Jazz B
12:45-1:30pm Musical Theater 1B 12:30-1:30pm Int Co. Acro 12:30-1:30pm Advanced Flexy Acro  
  1:30-2:30pm Adv. Co. Acro   *All Schedules are subject to change



IMDP Faculty Information


In Motion Dance Project • 2125 Orinoco Drive, Orlando, FL 32837 • 321.206.9717 • info@inmotiondanceproject.com